Essential Oils

One of my very favorite things in the world.  Essential Oils!

I know what you’re thinking.  Isn’t this just a fad?   Everyone is talking about them!  Well, my friend, you can push those crazy thoughts aside because EOs are the opposite of a fad!  In fact, EOs have been used successfully throughout history, in many countries, and their benefits are clear.  They take the place of so many toxic chemicals.  They aren’t going anywhere!

Want to learn the basics?  Head over to my oily site and dive in…

So as you know, I research and research until I feel comfortable with a product line.  And then I research more, because who wants to be comfortable?  No, I want to be IN LOVE.  Like I’m talking can’t-live-without-it-and-tell-everyone-about-it love.  And I have finally found it with Young Living.  Let me tell you, this company is it.  Top quality, pure, powerful, natural essential oils!  But what made me align myself with this company was that they have their own farms, which means they are in charge from “seed to seal,” which happens to be their guarantee.  Seed to Seal!   While other companies are “rebottlers” getting their oils from farmers and bottling and branding as their own, Young Living bottles their own oils.  It doesn’t get much better than this!