About Me

I am a writer, a former teacher, a researcher, a learner, a helper, a boo-boo-fixer, a wife and a mommy.

I am raising my three girls using more natural methods and products, and in the process cleaning up the chemicals from our home and the toxins from our lives.  Because I have children with special needs, I explore every option out there to keep them healthy and happy no matter what life may bring.  I am learning to embrace whatever comes our way and create balance to hold us steady!

I love natural products and tips, and will pass them onto you, but am not 100% crunchy… I believe in the art of BALANCE.  That has become my “word to live by” these days… when things are balanced… all is okay.

I have spent most of my life learning about everything I can, I guess that’s just who I am!  And I realized that by doing so – I have a lot to offer – so I hope to INSPIRE others that want to live a little healthier, a little cleaner, and a little more balanced.

Anyone who knows me personally would tell you that I only share what I TRULY believe in… after I research the hell out of it… which takes lots of time but who’s keeping track?  (But to balance that out – I’m ALL ABOUT time saving tips… which I will share with you also!)

Thanks for visiting!