The kids will go bananas…

So, it’s summer.  And I know what your already thinking .  How many more days until the kids go back to school? (It’s okay, you don’t love your kids any less… we all count the days!)

Here’s summer in a nutshell with young kids.  Deep breath…
Mom! go back to sleep, schools out.  but the sun’s up!  then don’t peek out of your curtains.  I’m hungry!  is that a question?  can you cook my breakfast please? ok here’s your eggs and strawberries, honey.  I want toast!  Is that a question? I want toast PLEASE! still not a question but at least you said please.  she stole my toy.  she pulled my hair.  Leave each other alone.  I’m going outside! ok get your shoes on.  Where are my shoes??  same spot every morning.  honey those are on the wrong feet.  it’s tooo hot out here.  but we’ve only been outside for 3 minutes.  we are not going inside yet.  and your shoes are still on the wrong feet.  I’m going inside!  No honey, we are staying out and playing.  It’s toooo hot.  I wanna do a craft!  Ok go take out a craft.  No not all the craft boxes.  Pick either the glue and paper or the paints or the playdough, put the rest back.  And put away the sand and the paint-your-own ceramic tea set, you don’t need to use all those at once.  And here comes the glitter too… Ok at least they are being creative.  We’re all done!   Um, girls, you took out enough to do for hours and it’s been only 2 minutes and you put an inch of tape on a blue paper and called it your craft.  Where’s the glitter?!  We’re hungry!  But you had breakfast 14 minutes ago.  But we are HUNGRY!  (when is September?)  If you play for 20 minutes nicely you can have a granola bar.  Okay, Mommy.  Mom she’s being mean to me! Well she said she is playing school but I want to play house!  Can’t you play house and drop your kids off at school while she is playing school?  No I want to ONLY play house.  Ok then how about I play house with you?  Ok.  That was fun Mommy, can I have my snack? That was 6 minutes, not 20, and you weren’t nice to each other.  And it’s only 7:15 am, bedtime yet?  Look Mommy we are playing Barbie’s together!  Wonderful! Let’s pick up the baby dolls and the books from playing school to make room.  Nevermind… I’m not interrupting the few minutes of playing nice.

I love summer because it’s more quality time, but it’s no joke when they want to eat all day long.  And eating fruits and veggies and granola… it’s great until they want a “treat.”  And while of course I don’t eat treats (ok, fine, I do)… I like to find ways to make treats healthier.

They love ice cream.  They are dairy intolerant, so they’ve never actually had it, but they have had coconut milk ice cream and cashew milk ice cream and they LOVE it.

If you or your kids are ice cream junkies… you’re welcome for this.  Easiest, most simple recipe for healthy “ice cream”- and you can play with the flavors.  They think they are cooking, then they think they are eating an ice cream dessert.  I keep my weight on track.  Win.

Banana “Ice Cream”

Once bananas are very ripe, turning brown, slice them up and freeze in a container or ziplock bag.  At all times we have frozen banana chunks taking up half the freezer.

ripe bananas

chunk bananas

When fully frozen, throw a bunch of them into a food processor.  I have a Ninja, and I LOVE it and highly recommend one, but any processor will do.

chunk bananas in blender

Blend!  Start on low, move up from there.  You are going to want to stop, thinking it’s not working right.  You will want to add liquid.  You may even curse me and call me a liar… but keep going.  It will look dry and crumbly and just plain weird, and not like ice cream at all.     Stop and push the crumbles down with a spatula.


Turn on processor again and blend together more.  Almost done!  If the kids are getting impatient, have them hit the buttons and count out loud to see how long it takes.  (Impatient grown ups can do this too.)  And finally it will look like soft serve ice cream!! YES!  (How long did it take? Kids your next craft can be to write the number of seconds it took and decorate it.  With the damn glitter.)

smooth in blender

Scoop it into bowls and there you go.  Healthy banana ice cream with one ingredient.  How easy is THAT?   The kids want another bowl?  Go for it.  Yup that’s right, Mom says you can have extra ice cream.  You have a really nice mom!  You want pink ice cream?  Add a strawberry or two.  Purple ice cream?  Add some blueberries.  Dark pink?  Cherries.  Chocolate?  Add coco powder.  Other cool flavors?  Peanut butter, or mango, or lime.  Chocolate chip ice cream?  Add chocolate chips at the end.  Sometimes you gotta use the goodies  🙂

You can also freeze into ice pop molds!  I found these cute silicone push pop molds at Ikea! But any molds will work.  Run under a little warm water to loosen from the mold when it’s time to eat.

ice pop

Hope you enjoy!  If you try any cool fun flavors, let me know how it turns out!


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