Before we blog… we GIVE AWAY!

Giveaway!  Before I begin my Naturally Inspiring blog – I’m giving away two of my FAVORITE products.  Drumroll please…

Giveaway #1….

Norwex.   Window.  Cloth.

The window cloth… It’s seriously a-ma-zing.  Using only water and this cloth, windows are so clean and streak-free that they look invisible.   Mirrors… no need to wipe over and over and over (and over) to get rid of the constantly moving one last streak!!!  No more nasty chemicals from commercial window sprays… no more wasted paper towels, no more lint and glare on the glass.

I have tossed the toxic cleaners and I use this product daily in my home.  I just can’t live without it (and many others… envirocloth and dusting mitt anyone?).  I may be slightly obsessed, but if it makes cleaning become fun, it’s a good obsession 🙂

I came across this photo, and it really hit home!  Every home should use this cloth.

why i use norwex window

Read about these items, other Norwex products, and our mission to reduce chemicals at    Shop around… or even host a Facebook “party” to earn some awesome host rewards.  I became an Independent Norwex Consultant because I believe in these products and I believe in the need to reduce toxic chemicals in our home.  I love to help others do the same!

TO ENTER!  Leave a comment here to be entered in the giveaway!  Raffle will close on May 19, 2016 at midnight.  Winner will be randomly chosen and announced on May 20, 2016.

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Then enter GIVEAWAY #2!



17 thoughts on “Before we blog… we GIVE AWAY!

    • naturallyinspiring3 says:

      It truly becomes an obsession! Great feeling to walk around the house getting rid of chemicals and replace them with little spray bottles of water 🙂


  1. Lisa Gravier says:

    Love your blog already! 😊 I’ve been trying to rid my house of chemicals but find it challenging! I’ll have to check out your link–in the mean time, I thought I’d enter your giveaway! Nice work!


    • naturallyinspiring3 says:

      Thanks! Your MIL sounds like she’s got the right idea 🙂 If you haven’t tried the products yet… Get ready!
      Oh, and thanks for the writing compliment… I must have had one hell of an English teacher 😉 You are the reason I became an English teacher, too!


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